Thursday, April 5, 2012

E Echols- As in Jennifer

I enjoy a good Jennifer Echols book. Have you read her?

I'll be honest, sometimes it's a little on the fluffy/cheeky side for my taste. (EDITED TO ADD. Katy in the comments said that maybe I should try some of her books geared towards older YA. I have already put it at the top of my TBR!! Yay!) But there are times when it's exactly what I'm in the mood for. Of course, I haven't read all of her books so maybe they aren't all that way. Her newest looks very interesting and I'll be sure to check it out.

Last year I read ENDLESS SUMMER and really enjoyed it. Even did a review on the blog! :)

Today I'm about to finish up WINTERS KISS, and it's been a fun read. Nick=Yum! (Is that the most creepy thing ever?? I'm 33 for heaven sakes!! I was speaking from my inner teenager voice...oh and imagining Nick after he aged 15 years...yeah, that's it!) By the way, this is a double novel that she shares with Catherine Hapka.

 I think she is very good at capturing teen feelings. I laughed out loud when the main character talks about not wanting guys to know she pee's! Haven't we all been there? She refers to herself as a peeless goddess. How cute is that?

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