Saturday, April 7, 2012

G Guarana Antarctica

A couple of years ago, some fellow photographers and I were shooting a wedding and the reception was at a Brazilian Steakhouse. (If  you haven't been to one....yum!!!!!) The bride's family was from Brazil and do they ever know how to throw a party!! Wow. Anyway, after chowing down on all the amazing food at our break, we were served a Brazilian soda in a bright green can. It was heavenly!!!

We drank several and I was then on a mission to find it in our town! I haven't ended up getting it again. You can find it on Amazon and apparently we have a Brazilian grocer about 40 minutes from here but I haven't made the trek to get it. I should though because it's so good. And yes, it contains guarana which is supposed to give you a little pick me up. The taste is like a mixture of sprite and ginger ale. So amazing!! :) If you ever have the fortune of running into this, get yourself some!!!

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