Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y Ya gotta be kidding me!!!!

Busy day today— hence the late post. But I had to share a quick crazy story!!

This morning I had a photo session with the nicest couple. They were young and still newlyweds for all intents and purposes. We were just getting started and excited, as I took them to one of my recent fav locations.
 It's an abandoned farm lot off a main highway and it has an old farmhouse, and several out buildings including a beautiufl old barn. I'm not able to date barns, but this one seems old! Anyway, the place is so long vacated the weeds and grass grow up to the roof like a jungle around the house. I've shot there several times this spring and last fall.

I love shooting around the barn and the lot is messy but good for photos. I can tell that people dump things, and probably teens hang out because I've noticed "new" stuff laying around before, but I wasn't prepared for the man that was with me to say, "Someone is sleeping in there!". Both the wife and I almost emptied our bladder on that note. I thought he was seeing someone sleeping in this old barn. But when he pointed, sure enough someone had hung a bunch of old clothes on a tree limb coming from one of the dilapidated barn's window. My gut just told me a homeless person was inside there. FREAKY!  We all kind of looked at each other deciding what to do. We took a few more photos, but no one could relax, I kept jumping at every sound, and looking for eyeballs peering out of the barn windows.

The same barn, just a month ago.

The scariest thing???? I've been to that spot shooting senior portraits with teens!! ACK!! No more!!

Happy Saturday everybody!!
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