Monday, April 30, 2012

Z Zipping up the loose ends

What a month, ya'll!! Wow. I did A-Z last year, but I skipped some days. Not this year! This year I did every single letter. It feels good. I have a sense of accomplishment about it.

I met a lot of really great bloggers that I will continue to read and I hope many of you will continue to pop in here too.

My dedication to blogging has its ups and down's, but I really enjoyed this challenge. Hopefully by the time A-Z comes around in 2013 I'll be in an even better place in my writing career. I hope you all will, too! :)

In the mean time, I'm getting my household prepared for a few days of no mommy! Any other mom's know what a chore this is?? I completely set them up. Food has to be bought, prepared and prepped. Lists and instructions must be written, insurance cards arranged. Sheesh!! But it's worth it!
(Especially when I find out my agent pitch interview is now TWO agent pitch interviews!! SQUEEE!!)

Happy Monday!!
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