Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Critique Groups- A Wonderful Thing

A few months back, after some serious divine intervention, I landed myself in a writers critique group. It has been so wonderful.

I think my work improved 100% by just going the first night. The thing about writing (in my opinion) is that there are just things you don't know until someone tells you! I believe many people can imagine and even write an interesting, even good story. However, what I'm learning is that really good, publishable writing is a well honed craft. Details, so many details...but I'm slowly learning them and they are starting to become automatic as I pound away at the keyboard.

Thank heavens for these 4 other women. I am eternally grateful to them. From what I hear I'm very fortunate to have my first experience in a critique group be so perfect. I'm grateful for that, because as nervous as I was I don't know if I'd have tried again for a while if it hadn't been a good fit.

But it was, and they are so talented. It feels good to get to know people and share a creative part of yourself and realize that you so genuinely want them to also be the best they can be. To desire their success as much as your own. The thought of one of these ladies making a splash in the publishing world is just as exciting to me as making it myself. And it will happen, they are all that good!

I have no advice on how to go about finding a crit group in your area other than just some old fashioned (ha) Google searching. I'm sure there are ways, but I'm not sure about them and I just seriously got lucky. I will say, keep trying until it feels good. Once it does, it is so very worth it!

Now, off to write and fantasize of a lovely Spring day. Surely someday it will come!
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