Monday, April 4, 2011



This words is a biggie for me. The fact that the last blog entry date below is March 24th should be your first clue. Consistency has always been a problem for me. Is there an explanation? Is it nature? Nurture? Laziness? ADD? 3 Children?

The one thing I am consistent about, is my inconsistency. So there, I can get SOMETHING right!

That's not fair to me. I get a lot of things right, but I'm pretty darn hard on myself. I expect a lot. Therefore, I am often disappointed. When I am disappointed I feel frustrated and defeated, and then....I fall off the wagon.

It is ironic that I chose this word this morning, because it is Monday. Ah Monday, the birth of so many good intentions. It is also a (relatively) new month. April. To me April is freshness. Spring, growth, blooming, newness.

Therefore I am deciding now that consistency is my goal for this month. Consistency in my writing, my blogging and my personal life. I'll let you know how this should be interesting!
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