Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today I mowed my lawn. *pause for dramatic effect.*  I have never done that before. 

I wanted to do something for my husband. 
I wanted to be outside because it's beautiful.
I wanted to feel active. 
The weeds were tall.

You know what? I really enjoyed it...except for the forming blisters on my palms from starting the damn thing. Who knew that was so hard?? (By the way the top of my mower says "easy-start". Pshawww. right!)

But it was sort of relaxing and I spent the whole time thinking of my wip...which is my favorite past-time. Is writing my wip my fav past-time? No. Thinking about it is. Can anyone else relate to that?

The first thing I did after was run in and skype my husband to brag and say "AREN'T YOU PROUD OF ME??" He was. :)

Happy Thursday. Hope it's a beautiful day where you live.
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