Thursday, March 24, 2011

All over the place!

My mind is going a million different directions today.

I'm okay with that usually, but today it's stressing me out. I really want to be writing, but I have work to do. But oh what sweet work it is....have a peeky.

How can I not enjoy that? I always listen to music while I edit photos, I must, and often I daydream about my wip. However, something about newborns is not jiving with my wip. Go figure. So, on I go, editing away. It's okay if I don't get any writing done today. It happens. I can't wait to show this family these images.

Which leads me to what I'm thankful for today!

 I skipped last week but now I'm back on track. I'll be extra thankful this week!!  Join the "Thankfulness" over at Oasis for YA.
I'm thankful to be able to work at home for my family. I'm thankful I have a job in which I get to witness the most amazing reactions to images like those above. These are priceless memories and I love giving my clients this gift. It is amazing.

I'm also thankful that it is a beautiful day out. Finally. I'm going to ignore the fact that my husband saw on the news this morning the possibility of snow this weekend. I'm in denial. I'm thankful for today.

Last but not least, I'm incredibly thankful for itunes and ipods. Steve Jobs, if you were more handsome I would have a full on crushing obsession with you. Fortunately, you look exactly like a computer geek should. My husband is thankful for that...he likes me to have eyes only for him!! :)
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