Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer = Exhaustion

I love Summer, but it is so tiring.

The weekends are long and exhausting if I'm shooting a wedding. A wedding day is high adrenaline then a major crash at the end. This weekends wedding  included 8 hours of driving, 11 hours of shooting, lots of stress, and seriously sore muscles. There is just no way to get used to standing and squatting for a full day. No matter what,  it is draining. Emotionally and physically. So, I spend all of Sunday recovering. Sometimes Monday too.

Then, during the week I have my precious boys to contend with. Weddings start to seem more and more enjoyable!! haha! Just kidding, I love my boys. But the novelty of summer will start to wear off here in about a week and the complaining, whining, hitting and yelling will come full force.

Somewhere in this madness I will be finishing my wip. OH YES, i will. I must remember? I said, must be done by the end of summer!

The beautiful thing about being a wedding photograher and a writer is being able to witness so many different relationships. The dynamic of a wedding day leads to the most AMAZING interactions between friends and family members. Good, bad, stressful, precious, emotional. It is the most awesome research...and I'm paid to observe, witness and capture this. All the while I'm soaking it in like a sponge for material. Really. I love that. AND this weekends wedding was practically set in my stories small town. It was a beautiful thing.

Now, I must force myself to plant my rear in my chair...open up word, and get to work!!!! My boys are putting together a humongo lego set so we'll see how long that keeps them busy. If it works I may be investing some serious money in legos this summer!
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