Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Way Too Long

I apologize. I seemed to have taken a blogging hiatus. Sabbatical. Vacation. Break.

I think I'm past it. Maybe.

It's just May. May  is busy!! I'm busy with work. Seniors are needing stuff for the end of year, moms want photos of their kiddo's in the flowers, etc. Busy with school stuff. Every activity is having a "end of year" get together. Cub scouts, preschool, talent show, music program.

The main thing though? BASEBALL. Baseball is in full swing. (hardy har) Because of that, we are on the go like crazy. With three little boys in ball this year, we are living and breathing it. 4 games a week, practice. It doesn't stop. The schedule is insane. I told my husband...the first boy that shows the sign of "not really being  into it." is OUT! I'm not putting myself through this for some kid that isn't into it! Got me?

I know that sounds mean, but really? So far, all three boys are doing well. And truthfully, I wouldn't let them quit easily. Two of them are still a little too young to know if they really don't like it. They haven't got to the good stuff yet. I happen to like baseball, so it's really the only sport I will go through this crazy schedule for. I enjoy the ball fields in summer. Especially in a small town like ours. It's the epitome of summer to hear the crack of the bat on a warm evening. Kids running around in the background. People you know surrounding you. My kids begging for nachos from the concession stand. I love it. Would I get three boys up at 5 am for a day full of freezing soccer games in October? NOT A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, all of this is to say...Sorry. I've neglected this blog and I'm ready to get back on the ball.

My WIP is also in a happy place. I've been writing daily and I told my writing group girls that it must be completed by the end of summer. MUST. It can't go on after that. I won't let it. Hold me to it.

Speaking of my very talented writing ladies, they are back from OWFI and had awesome connections with agents that I'm praying turn into something amazing. I'm so proud of all of them and so very honored that I have them to share my writing process with.
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