Saturday, May 7, 2011


It's been a full, exhausting day. You know, the kind where you've worked hard and you fall in to bed feeling accomplished.

That's my day today. A friend and I had a garage sale the last two days and had lots of fun hanging out and making money. Today my husband and I cut down an ornamental tree gone wrong in our yard and did some relandscaping, complete with a $150 Home Depot trip. I planted cilantro, tarragon, sweet basil, and tomatoes. Got a sunburn, pulled some muscles and finished the evening off at a Sonic Car Show. (my husband is into muscle cars!) To top it off it was a beautiful, hot sunny day.

I love days like that. It is going to end with a hot shower and reading in bed next to my husband. Perfect!

Happy Mothers Day to all you mommy's out there!!
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