Monday, June 6, 2011

I need another A-Z

That challenge really had me on a roll with blogging. It was good to have something that made me more accountable and actually have something to blog about. Even if it was totally random.

The good thing is that writing has been happening. Yay! I think it's because the weather in Kansas right now plunks right into the setting for my wip. I find that really puts me in the mood. Makes it real.

Do you find it hard to write about a place or season that you aren't currently experiencing? I think I could write about the beach in winter if I had too...but it would certainly be more enjoyable to write about the beach while at the beach. No?

I'm glad nobody protested violently to the fact that I'm not currently writing a YA. But it sure is a whole other ball game writing adult. I think I like it!
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