Saturday, January 8, 2011

I love TED.

Have you watched a TED presentation before? They are AMAZING. Well, all the ones I've seen are amazing.

TED is a non profit that holds conferences about spreading ideas. Ideas. I love that. I could go to the TED website and spend hours just watching videos of people giving their ideas. So many of them are so motivational.

I'll share more in the future, but I happened to catch this one yesterday when someone posted it on Facebook. I thought it was very approriate for this blog for several reasons.

The speaker is the gifted writer Elizabeth Gilbert. You may have heard of her most popular book...Eat, Pray, Love. Loved it. That book alone was very inspiring, but I love her talk here about the pressure we put on creative people, and how those people can learn to move past their own fears and have faith in their creative process. Take a listen.

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