Friday, January 7, 2011

The First Post!!!

This is exactly what it says it is. My writing blog. As things stand, I am a mom, a photographer, a wife, and when I have time someone who likes to write. I wasn't going to have a writing blog, but some friends (yes, writer friends) told me it was probably a good idea to start one. So here it is.

Here is the problem. I have NEVER worried about my grammar on my business blog. I mean, I think about it...but I don't stress about it. On this blog, I already feel the writing cops hating me. But, I'm going to get over it.

A little background. I've always loved to write and for a long time just assumed that someday I would try to write a novel. Someday turned into having babies and really just not thinking about writing except for every once in a while. A couple of years ago, (2008 I believe) I started. I'm currently on my second "started" novel. The first one came to a standstill. This one I love. This one being the one I'm working on now. "Writer People" call that the WIP. Work. In. Progress. *I'm going to teach you these things.* I think the fact that it is closely related to RIP is not a coincidence. Anyway, I'm loving my "WIP".

One thing that I have realized, and wasn't happy about at first, was that I naturally write YA. Which stands for Young Adult. I'm not sure why I tried to deny this for awhile. I have nothing against YA novels, in fact I like lots of YA. I guess I just imagined myself writing for adults not teenagers. But, I've accepted it and embraced it. Lucky for me...YA is selling like hot cakes so it's a good genre to try to get into. (And not only teens are reading!) And yes, I am a moron...that is my goal, to sell the novel. I know it's hard, I know it's a long shot, but guess what? People do it. There is no reason not to try.

So, this will wrap up the first post. I promise they will get more interesting as time goes on!! :)
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