Monday, March 12, 2012

Pretty stuff, parties and beautiful days.

It's Monday, I wrote 2,000 words and the sun is shining. Could it be any better?

Well, thanks for asking, because yes it could!

Today my wonderful blogging friend Catherine Denton is having a virtual party! Her daughter is raising money for a type of mission trip to Africa and she is celebrating in high style internet fashion.

She has a fantastic etsy shop selling prints of her amazing artwork. I just bought one for someone specials birthday and I love it. anyway, today only she is offering a very generous discount and all the proceeds go towards her daughters trip. Please go help them out. There is nothing to lose, check out her blog posts today for details.

She is also giving away an original painting...

I absolutely ADORE Catherine's work. I think it's quirky and original. It's also emotional and moving. Plus, she's just a great person which makes me love it even more.

So get on over there and check things out!

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