Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Music and Twitter

In the past week I have written nearly 10,000 words. yay! That makes me incredibly proud of myself. I have absolutely no doubt that I'm on track for my birthday/The End celebration at the end of the month. (Finally told my husband about it...he's cool!)

For the last couple of days, I've written along side some music. Never done that before. I usually need complete silence. Occasionally I can write with my husband watching t.v. but that is a huge distraction for me.

Part of it, I think, were that the songs were either playing in the scenr, or my characters look was "inspired" by the artist. It was tremendously helpful and inspiring. Do you play with music? I know some people write with headphones in. Hmmmm, I'd be willing to try it but don't think I could do it often.

Also, almost a year to the day I posted about "should I or shouldn't I " regarding Twitter. I ended up joining that day, just to get my name, but I didn't tweet until yesterday! Crazy?! It felt kind of good. Don't know if I can maintain it very well, but we shall see.

Okay, off to write my butt off.
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