Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where oh where have I gone?

I apologize for falling off the blogging wagon! I hate that!

I think after I was deathly ill there for awhile I overcompensated in the "Pull my life together" arena. My house had gone to crap...along with other things. I spent the past week or so trying to get myself organized. I said before, this is a "spring" trend for me. sigh.

I also did my taxes.....BLECH!! In the past this has been something I look forward too...but owning your business does not always = fun in the tax department. This year being the worst. Yuck. Oh well, it's done and over with.

ALSO, on the writing front I finally, (thanks to my wonderful Aunt) have Microsoft Office Pro on my laptop!!! YAY!!! I can now write from it, and let me tell you... 2010 is the SHIZ!!! Wow. Outlook alone makes me want to do a dance. I love me some updated software!! :)

Anyway, getting back into the swing of things and missed blog land very much! Can't wait to catch up with everyone on their own blogs!! :)

OH AND, I can't wait to see this movie!!! eek!!! I have not (shockingly) read the book but I'm going to before I see it. I LOVE chick flicks. Yes, I admit it. But I also love total guy, sci-fi, and historical movies too. This weekend is also when Red Riding Hood and Jane Eyre open up. Lots coming up!! :)

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