Monday, June 25, 2012

SUCH A RUSH by Jennifer Echols, Yes please!

Lately, the stress of getting my manuscript ready to send out has been overwhelming. My kids have driven me nuts, my kitchen's a mess, and the laundry pile needs it's own address. Life is ridiculous right now. On top of that, it's wedding season, so Saturdays are nuts. Whoa is me. I needed something to get excited about.

Imagine my delight when I found an email from the awesome ladies at Small Girls PR asking me if I'd like to read an advanced copy of Jennifer Echols, SUCH A RUSH. Well, HECK YES I would. (By the way, Small Girls has the most fantastic website, check it out!)

How gorgeous is the cover?

Until last year I didn't read a lot of Contemporary YA. (Yes, I get the stupidity of that, considering I write it.) So in an effort to associate myself with the genre more fully, I set out on reading as much as I could. One of the first authors was Jennifer Echols, and I immediately fell in love with her style.

First review is HERE.  Another one HERE.  Another one HERE.

When blogger (and fellow contemp YA writer) Katy recommended I read her more "mature" YA books, I didn't hesitate, and I loved those even more. Don't get me wrong, romantic comedies are fun, but a romantic drama is definitely my first choice. I love the flawed characters, the tension and the development of two people who are fighting the inevitable...that they are totally going to make out whether they like it or not!!!
Jennifer's latest does not disappoint.

Leah was such a complex girl, and I felt for her, I really did. She has a rough upbringing, and let's just say her opportunities are not endless, but she makes the most of them. You know what? I also liked her mother. Call me crazy, but I felt for her also. I didn't hate her, although she was a piece of work.

I won't give a lot away, but Grayson was my ideal hero. Alpha, brooding, and bossy. I know, I know. I'm such a cliche', but I'm being honest. But you have to admit, the payoff is so wonderful when you deal with these boys. Echol's does them well,  my favorite still being John in GOING TO FAR. (Because let's be honest, the only thing better than a bossy, brooding, alpha, is one in a uniform!! Yes??)

The last thing I adored about this book, was the setting. These young people fly planes, and this blew me away. I found myself googling things, and I LOVE it when a book makes me do that. It's usually only historical, so this was a fun surprise. 

The best part?? This book comes out very soon. July 10th to be exact, so I would get your pre-orders in now peeps, because this is the perfect summer read!! Oh, and I'm soooo excited to hear that Jennifer Echols has a deal to write ADULT ROMANCE!! That was music to my ears; I know they will be amazing! :) Also, another deal for more YA romantic comedies, so if you loved those, you are in luck. Point being? Lot's more of her for us, which is a very good thing.

Thanks again, Small Girls PR! :)

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