Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer, Insanity, and EDITS!

School has been out for a few weeks now. We're all still alive. Why is that relevant, you ask? Well, I live with three young boys. Three. Summer is tough. Boys like to hit, run, crash, bang, yell, fight, make messes, and drive their mother crazy. They are also sweet, loving, adorable, creative, smart, and love to take care of their mother. So I'll keep them, but man it's hard day to day.

Throw in all the other drama that being an adult includes, like bills, cleaning, dogs, spouses, appointments, work, dinner, etc, and it's easily a recipe for chaos. Does this all sound familiar? I know I'm not alone when I talk about the crazy. 

For us aspiring writers there is an added stress. We want to fit writing, editing, query, (insert wherever you are in the game), into the mix. God help us all, something's got to give. Unfortunately it's my emotional well-being. Oh, and my laundry pile, but that's another matter.

Summer. Ugh. If I looked hot in shorts or bathing suits, it MIGHT help my  Summer blahs. It's not meant to be.

 I'll share with you a few things that have been helping me stay sane. 

1.  Reading. Duh.  Reading is up there on my "essential to survival" list. Lately I've read some good ones!!

If you're into adult romance, Julie James is fantastic. Contemporary and hot! :)

This morning I finished LEGEND, by Marie Lu. AWESOME!!! I absolutely loved June and Day. I seriously wish this would become a movie.

2. Instagram No explanation needed, right?

3. Making unhealthy snacks. Specifically things like, Chex Muddy Buddies, chocolate chip, and no-bake cookies.

image courtesy of tastebook

4. Writing. Yes, my manuscript is giving me lots of joy right now. I'm in the middle of a full edit and then will be sending it out into the world. I'm loving this process, although it's overwhelming and I'm obsessive about it. In about a week, I'm going to have the whole thing printed and bound. EEK. Does anyone else do that??

Happy Friday everybody!! :)
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