Thursday, June 23, 2011

A little away time.

I love doing things on impulse. Love it. I may sometimes end up regretting it, but not often. I love the rush. The feeling that one minute things are mundane and in a flash they became exciting.

That happened yesterday after a friend posted the Southwest Airlines deals on Facebook. My husband was working from home (while laying in bed with his laptop) and I got on their website and looked at the map.

Five minutes later and a little discussion and we had booked a quick flight to Washington DC for our 10 year anniversary in September.

Now, I know DC doesn't scream romance and celebration...but we have both wanted to go for awhile. We both love art and history, so the Smithsonian has been calling for a few years, plus neither of us have ever been. Bonus??? Everything in DC is nearly free. Well, not hotel or food. But we can be entertained for free.

I'm so excited. We so RARELY get time alone together, I will just be happy to stroll along and do whatever we wish with no one screaming, "he's hitting me!!!!!!!!!!!" That will be bliss.

If you've been to DC, please share. Sights, restaurants. Things to avoid...seriously!!
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