Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Happy Story

The right head gear is essential.
Once upon a time, there was a girl. She learned to read when she was three. It was her favorite thing to do, and she would go to sleep with a bed full of books instead of dolls. Her favorite place was the library, the book store, or her daddy's lap when he read her a book. Her mother would tell her that she was going to be a writer. She believed her.
Sweet Pickles anyone? The girl has the bad perm, her dad, and her little sister.

Time passed, and she experienced life, death of a parent, sadness,  first love, first heartbreak, first everything, traveling the globe, True Love, marriage, children, and all the while she read. A lot.

Awww, the character building years, and high waist jeans! How sweet.

Raising these jokers put the writing on hold a while! They had to be fed, bathed...and talked to!
 Her family. Her husband is her biggest fan. 

One day, she finally decided it was time. She put all of her heart and life experience into a story titled HEALING GRAVEL. She told her mother she was writing a book. Her response was..."I knew you would".

Fast forward through the process of finding an amazing critique group, revising, querying, contesting, rejection, and here we are. The next step in the process. The one she thought might never come.

The girl has an agent, and she is happy. So, so, very happy, because she couldn't have dreamed up a more perfect agent if she tried.
Lots of smiles lately...and brown hair!

Her journey with said agent began before Christmas (and it started with email in the slush, friends!). It is now official, and she has been DYING to share the news.

That agent is Sarah E. Younger of Nancy Yost Literary Agency, and together they will make that little girls dreams of being a published author come true. (No pressure, Sarah! ;) )

To be continued...

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