Friday, February 24, 2012

What a mess!

How in the world does one keep a manuscript in order? I have file, after file, after file. They go a little something like this.
  • title of ms
  • title of ms 1
  • title of ms 2
  • title of ms painful cuts
  • painful cuts might use
  • all new title of ms
  • really new title of ms
How are we really supposed to keep it in order? I'm always in a panic state thinking that I'm opening the wrong file or saving the wrong file or afraid to delete any of them, lest I do something tragic!

Yesterday I was reading someone's blog...I really wish I could remember who's it was. I think it was Tamara Ireland Stone. I think!! Anyway, they (Tamara??) was saying they used Scrivener. When I went to the website and read about it, I fell a little bit in love with the idea. I haven't pulled the trigger on the 30 day trial, but I intend to do so very shortly! The way it works seems like a polished version of my lame envelope system. Like a digital companion to my very convoluted brain!

Has anyone used Scrivener or something similar??

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