Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday, once again!

As a child and teen, I hated Monday. HATED it. I'm sure many can relate. Now that I'm a mother, that for the most part works at home....I LOVE IT!

Monday means me time. After a stressful, busy weekend I get to take my time into my own hands.

And do whatever the heck I want.

So, here I sit, at my laptop considering all the possibilities.

  • laundry.
  • writing
  • reading
  • cleaning the kitchen from breakfast
  • feeding the dog
  • going back to bed.
  • A little of all of the above until it's time to make dinner.
Yep, I'll stick with that last one.

Oh, for the very nice people that commented on my little boy having pneumonia, he is doing much better!!
Still sore and taking it easy, but he did go to school today (kindergarten) after missing all last week! Phew, tired much?!? (me, that is!)

I'll leave you with two fantastic (according to me) commercials that some of you may have already seen, but we saw this weekend in the theatre when we finally took the boys to see Star Wars 3D. The writer in me got a kick out of these two!! :)

Happy Monday!

UPDATE!! I can't find, or remember the second video and I've spent over two hours searching youtube. My mind has drawn a blank. It's a boy and girl on a bridge in Central Park I think...and he says he has to leave her because he's a vampire or something and then she says I'm a "something" and then they banter back and forth between them one upping on the mythical creatures. Does anyone know this one? My brain is aching trying to remember what company it's for. ERGHHHHHH!!!
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