Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Random Thoughts....

So, my husband and I are back from our whirlwind trip to D.C. I plan on sharing some pics soon, but haven't even loaded them up to my computer. I  just wanted to share a few thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head about the trip.

First, am I the only writer who immediately wants to tell a story with the setting of their vacation spot? It's amazing being introduced to a whole new place!! A lot of my writing deals with small town middle America, so being thrown into cities, subways, and homeless people gave me a million ideas to play around with. (uhhhh....not now though. I've got a current ms to finish!! ugh!)

Second, I realize I'm kind of a country mouse. I do, however, have a city girl deep inside me. I love the energy and the movement. My husband? Not so much. I don't think I could always live in a city like that, but I can definitely see the appeal for different seasons of life. If I was young and single? Yes, please. 

Third, there are some serious rules about city life that you need to learn QUICKLY. Don't worry about learning before you go, you'll figure it out right off! First being, just because there is an escalator taking you up out of the subway does NOT mean you should stand there and let it do it's job. You'd better move your slow butt over to the right side and get out of everyone elses way!

Also, do NOT make eye contact with the very strange people leaning against the wall talking to themselves. They will start to talk to you, and it is very uncomfortable.

Lastly, the transition of people getting off the subway while people get on is a "every man out for himself" affair. You better shove your way in or out!

Being from the midwest the tendency is to be kind and say "excuse me," and get out of someones way. I now realize why people come here and say everyone is so friendly. I don't think it's necessarily because big city or east coast people are rude, it's just that they have learned to just disregard the bumping, elbowing and shoving that comes with getting where you need to go in the city. I don't know, just a theory.

At the end of the day, I LOVED D.C. It was touching, beautiful, and awe inspiring. Full of history and amazing stories. If you go, I highly recommend taking a tour from Tim of Walk Of The Town tours. He was incredible! We learned so much from him and totally enjoyed the experience way more than we would have on our own!

If you haven't been to D.C., you should go!!

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