Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Please don't leave!

I want to apologize for the recent and future lack of posts here on this blog. I love that so many of you obviously check in and comment! I love you!!!! However, my "pay the bills job" as a photographer is getting into it's CRAZY season. Therefore my writing takes a serious backseat. I'm not going to quit posting altogether, but definitely less frequently. So please still check in....I don't want to lose you!

Now think of me as I come into the season of stress, christmas card design, endless hours of back and forth emailing and WAY TOO MUCH TIME in Photoshop. Phew. I'm already tired. I'll be so happy when it's Thanksgiving!! :) (The beauty is that January and February are very slow.... lots of coffee, cozy reading and writing! yay!)
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