Sunday, November 18, 2012

So Excited!!

I've been so busy with portraits and weddings, I forgot to post my exciting news from the past month.

I am a finalist in the Mid America Romance Writers: Fiction from the Heartland Contest. YAY!!

This year there were 11 finalists, three of which were Young Adult, (one was me!!). I have no clue how many people entered. Not that it matters, but of course I'm curious. I got two really great and helpful critique sheets, and used them to do a spit and polish before I sent it off for the final round. That round (squee) consists of a reading of your first 33 pages plus synopsis by an editor and agent. I'm so excited, if nothing else I'm excited to—hopefully—get a little helpful feedback, especially from an editor.

Still querying and waiting of course. Being busy the past couple of months has really helped take my mind off of things......NOPE, I'm a liar, it hasn't helped at all, ;) but no matter what, my ms will end up better off for the process. Not quitting!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!!!!!!!!!!
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