Wednesday, December 5, 2012

sipswap was AWESOME!

Two fantabulous writers (Jessica Love and Kelsey Macke) had a brilliant idea a while back.

Like a Secret Santa concept, where you sign up, get a name (someone gets yours) and you buy them a mug and ship it off! Everyone loves getting a package, and I was sooooo excited to get mine! :)

This person had no idea that I love thrown pottery, and yet, that is exactly what I got. It's so beautiful, and I love how fat the handle is. A weird mug quirk I have—fat handle and fat rim. (yes, that's kind of gross!! haha)

Here is my beauty!!

It comes from a great little biz called Hagal Studio.

Here's the sip swapper is still a mystery! I hope they reveal themselves soon so I can thank them! :)

My mug went to Amanda Heger :)

Thanks for the fun Jess and Kels!! Loved being a part of it!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DUETuesday : Christmas Edition

I love duets. I love Christmas. What more reason do I need to share my most recent, fav, Christmas duet?

Dave Barnes voice is amazing, and of course, Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum) is always perfect! ;)


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